Backup camera and built-in camera system?

There are so many additional features and add-ins available on new cars nowadays such as a backup camera that sometimes you just can’t keep up. There are even some features people choose that they don’t even use. But there are also many features that are very useful. Take for example a built-in camera system – almost all cars for sale nowadays have a version of this new car feature and they are useful. Even though they are useful, there are some aspects of their use that make it a bad idea to have a built-in camera or even use them at all. Here are a few considerations when deciding whether or not a built-in camera feature will be useful:

Backup camera

A backup camera is a direct substitute or alternative to a side view and rear view mirrors. These mirrors are essential and necessary when you’re driving in reverse or backing up to park properly. A backup camera is the integrated version of these mirrors, and it is convenient to use. What’s even better is that these backup cameras are typically coupled with proximity sensors that will alert you with beeping sounds before you hit an object(s). However, if you get too dependent on these cameras, you may find yourself having problems adjusting (or re-adjusting) to driving cars without these features.

Turning camera

A seemingly new built-in camera feature, turning cameras are recently coming in on new car models and crossovers. The turning camera acts as your eyes when you are making turns or changing lanes as it will show if it is safe to turn or change lanes freely without obstructions. It is a more interactive form of blind spot monitoring and will keep you safer while driving. A minor drawback of this feature is that if you are too dependent on the turning camera, you may end up becoming distracted this paying less attention to the road in front of you.

Whatever car feature manufacturers can think of, buyers will almost always find some value. Manufacturers are always seeking to create additional features to ease driving stress and to create safer roads for all. So in your next car buying search, consider whether the extra features will be useful to you.

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