Open Road Auto Concierge began in Ventura, California, in September 2015 and relocated to Hayden, Idaho, in September 2018.

Open Road Auto Concierge is owned and operated by Dorian Gunn. Dorian brings a bold vision, coupled with a diverse set of skills – a combination of global channel development, entrepreneurialism, and operational excellence to his innovative car buying approach. Dorian will help define and negotiate your car buying strategy. He will lead you through the car buying platform by researching, negotiating, and delivering the car you love at the lowest price without all the headaches.

Dorian has extremely high expectations for his clients, therefore his car buying strategy provides for a comprehensive strategic vision for his clients capturing the real bottom-of-the-market pricing by leveraging his industry experience, solutions, and service to secure the best overall deal for you.

About Our Founder

Long before Dorian created Open Road Auto Concierge, he had already experienced a successful sales career in the automotive industry. Dorian’s career began in 1996 at a local Honda dealership in Sacramento, California when he was just 18 years old. Throughout the years, having worked for numerous car dealerships working his way up from the sales floor to the various internet, finance, and management positions, Dorian expanded his knowledge by working as a car dealership Sales, F&I, and Management trainer. Having held these various positions and still feeling unfulfilled, Dorian realized his passion for helping people and being a consumer advocate was not being utilized behind dealership doors. He knew his calling was for something greater. Dorian felt customers needed an automotive expert dedicated to one-on-one personal service to represent them throughout the car-buying process. This calling led to Dorian opening Open Road Auto Concierge. Dorian’s expert knowledge of the entire sales and finance process as well as his experience as a car dealership trainer enables him to use his inside knowledge of the sales cycle to deliver you the best deal, save you the most money, and provide you exceptional customer service.

Dorian believes buying a new or pre-owned car should be fun and exciting! After all, buying a car is the second biggest investment you will make aside from the purchase of your house. He wants to make this your best car-buying experience ever! Give Open Road Auto Concierge a few minutes of your time and you’ll be on your way to a hassle-free car buying experience in no time at all.

Message from our Founder

Thank you for visiting Open Road Auto Concierge online. Every day—as you are going about your business, as the seasons come and go, as economic or political turmoil arises, Open Road Auto Concierge is hard at work for you championing the car buying environment. It’s our goal to use our firm’s powerful negotiation experience to protect you from over-paying, protect you from the all-too-common car-buying stresses of going through the process on your own, and to facilitate the entire transaction for you from start to finish — and we take this important role very seriously.

People often ask me why I started this business. The simple, straightforward answer is my passion and commitment to do what is right. I’ve been in the car business dating back to 1996, and I’ve seen too many car dealers take advantage of people. I want to do something about it by protecting consumers from the typical high-pressure sales tactics car dealerships use to push customers into buying the car “now.” I am passionate about representing you and being your voice. I will use my inside knowledge of car dealership operations and tactics to protect you from being taken advantage of resulting in you getting a bad deal. I will ease your mind and help you feel comfortable as I guide you through this mysterious car-buying process. I will use my expert skills and industry knowledge to represent you wholeheartedly with no conflicts of interest. I am your advocate, and I will always represent your best interests as I do my due diligence to analyze the market and present you with a great deal. I will eliminate the question “did I get a good deal?” Open Road Auto Concierge is better equipped, stronger, and more adaptable than ever, enabling us to play a central role in this important car-buying process.

We have methodically built our efficient negotiation process leveraging our capacity and broadening our presence to represent you. Our unique combination of regional perspective, market analysis, negotiation tactics, and industry expertise positions our advocacy in your corner. Thanks to friends like you, Open Road Auto Concierge is positioned better than ever to win your negotiation. Our experience proves that Open Road Auto Concierge’s diligent and professional advocacy will achieve remarkable results even in challenging negotiations. I look forward to representing you.


Dorian Gunn, Founder