Open Road Auto Concierge understands the back-and-forth headaches people face when buying a car. It shouldn’t be like this, but unfortunately, it is. The car dealership is trying to maximize their profits while the consumer is seeking to maximize their savings. Somewhere in between is where the deal is made. For most people, the car buying process is mysterious and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most people ask “why can’t the car dealership just be upfront with their prices?” This is the question Open Road Auto Concierge addresses with our auto concierge service.

Our White Glove Concierge service handles all of the behind the scenes tedious legwork and negotiation, so you don’t have to. Our White Glove Concierge service presents to you the upfront best price (after we negotiate and present to you our findings) without you having to invest any time, effort, or endure any stress.

Our White Glove Concierge service is a dedicated personal consulting service for you. We provide a single point of contact dedicated to guiding you through the entire car buying process. Our expert will provide a clear non-biased explanation of the leasing or buying process to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

We are committed to saving you time, money, and the all too common frustrations typically associated with the car buying process. Our process is to shop multiple car dealerships to ensure you are getting the bottom of the market deal. Our process negotiates every aspect of the car deal as well as every profit center the dealer has. For example, our negotiation will cover the price of the vehicle, interest rates, lease rates, bank fees, back-end products (warranties, GAP, maintenance plans, etc.) as well as review your contract details, etc. BEFORE you sign anything. If you need help setting up or scheduling a no pressure test drive, we can help with that too. We can also arrange a no pressure appraisal and negotiation of your trade-in to maximize its value. When the deal is agreed to, we schedule delivery of your new car, truck, van or SUV to your home or office (most cases). Rest assured our service doesn’t stop there. We are only a phone call away during your delivery process if any questions should come up. Basically, your only responsibility throughout the entire car buying process is to sign the paperwork and pay for the vehicle – we do everything else! We are your White Glove Concierge!

Recap of White Glove Auto Concierge Service

  • Personal auto concierge consulting service
  • Single point of contact throughout the entire car-buying process
  • Clear explanation of lease vs. purchase allowing you to make the right decision for your family
  • Negotiation of every aspect of your deal (lease rate, interest rate, bank fee, etc.) to ensure you get the best deal in today’s market
  • If desired, we will negotiate and advise on any dealer installed accessories
  • Set up test drive appointments for your convenience
  • Locate your desired vehicle – (we special order vehicles too)
  • We finalize specifics with the car dealership before you take delivery of your new or pre-owned vehicle
  • Analyze trade-in/lease-return situation to determine if any equity exists
  • Negotiate trade-in to maximize its value
  • We review final contract details before you complete the transaction
  • Our auto concierge service allows for delivery of your new or pre-owned vehicle to your home or office
  • We are available during your delivery for any questions
  • Our goal is to earn your trust and to build long term relationships
  • We always shop multiple dealerships to ensure our deal is at the bottom of the market
  • Saving YOU time and money, and making this a smooth, easy and stress-free experience for you is our priority

Our White Glove Auto Concierge service is particularly useful to those who are in any of the following situations:

  • I’ve negotiated a car deal before, but I don’t know if I got a good deal.
  • I don’t have the time or the willingness to go through the car-buying process.
  • I am capable of negotiating a deal, but I don’t want to.
  • I want an expert auto concierge consultant I can trust to represent me and do it for me.
  • The entire process is confusing and mysterious, and I am not comfortable doing it myself.