Are you tired of dealing with aggressive salespeople? Do you want a comfortable, hassle-free way to buy a car? Open Road Auto Concierge will research, negotiate, and facilitate your entire car buying or car leasing process for you. Sit back, relax, and let us get you the car you love at a price that can save you thousands!

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Are you tired of dealing with aggressive salespeople? Do you want a comfortable, hassle-free way to buy a car? Open Road Auto Concierge will research, negotiate, and facilitate your entire car buying or car leasing process for you. Sit back, relax, and let us get you the car you love at a price that can save you thousands!

Car Broker Services Near you in Ventura & Los Angeles, CA


What can you expect from our vehicle buying consultation 

We will find the vehicle you are looking for, negotiate your car purchase or car lease on your behalf, and we will facilitate the entire car buying or car leasing transaction for you.  You don’t have to do anything except to pay for the car and to sign paperwork – we do everything else!  This is our white glove service in Los Angeles & Ventura, CA!

Clients hire us to save a lot of money, get the best deal, get the most for their trade-in, and to eliminate the typical car buying or car leasing stresses.  We’re here to help you get you exactly what you want at a price that can save you THOUSANDS!  After all, you’re driving the car, and you’re paying for it, you should get what you want.

Do you want a new or pre-owned vehicle, but you don’t want to spend your weekend negotiating or to set foot into another car dealership again?  You don’t have to.  Contact us to learn how our Los Angeles vehicle buying consultation will help you get the car you love at the price you can afford.  Your personal vehicle buying consultant will guide you through your entire car buying or car leasing experience. Our Ventura & Los Angeles auto buying concierge service will make this your best car buying or car leasing experience ever!

Does your car broker service Los Angeles only help clients in California?  No.

We are a nationwide car broker service specializing in car buying and car leasing negotiations.  Our car buying and car leasing concierge service beats other new car broker and car dealership pricing.  We even beat the popular car buying websites too.  Most of our clients are located in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County, but we have a number of clients outside of these counties too.  We are a professional car broker that represents clients in all 50 states, so we don’t have any geographical restrictions.  Our free vehicle buying consultation will show you how our auto concierge services can be used in your home State.

Why car buying and car leasing clients hire us in Los Angeles and Nationwide

Clients rely on us to guide them through their car buying or car leasing transaction and we take this responsibility very seriously.  We are expert car buying and car leasing negotiators and we will get you a great deal on any make and model vehicle.  Bottom line, we negotiate so you don’t have to!

We have worked as managers inside car dealerships, so we know how to protect you from all of the typical car dealership games.  We know how to avoid pushy or aggressive car salespeople, how to uncover hidden fees, and how to get you the car you love at the price that fits your budget.  We will maximize your savings and get you the bottom of the market pricing on your next new or pre-owned vehicle.  Give us a call or send us a message to learn how easy it is to obtain expert representation the next time you buy or lease a car in Los Angeles & Ventura. Let us show you the great deal you deserve on the vehicle you love without all the hassle.

You can expect your best auto buying process ever!  We will save you time, money, and eliminate the common car buying stresses.  Our auto buying service will allow you to spend your free time with your family, and not with the car dealer.

What makes our auto concierge service in Los Angeles and Nationwide different

We are a full service car buying auto concierge service who delivers incredible deals to our clients nationwide.  We are NOT your conventional car broker.  The conventional car broker receives undisclosed commissions from the car dealership.  We feel this is a conflict of interest.  How can a car broker represent their client’s best interest if they are negotiating behind their back with the dealership for a commission?  We eliminate this conflict of interest by not working on a commission or percentage basis.  We provide our professional representation for a very reasonable flat fee.

It is of the utmost importance to us that we build long term trusting relationships with our clients. When you work with Open Road Auto Concierge Ventura, CA you can expect a comfortable experience with complete transparency throughout the entire car buying or car leasing process.

Is saving time, money, and eliminating stress important to you when working with an auto broker?

We understand your time is valuable, so let us do all of the hard work for you.  You no longer have to negotiate with the car dealer nor do you have to spend countless hours researching and locating your desired vehicle.  Our Los Angeles auto buying concierge service offers complete white glove treatment.  Our extensive research of your desired vehicle along with our thorough and accurate negotiation will cover every aspect of your car buying or car leasing transaction.  We will save you time, save you money, and eliminate your car-buying stress by facilitating your entire transaction from start to finish.  Don’t be surprised if your first and only interaction with the car dealership occurs in your driveway when your new or pre-owned vehicle arrives for the first time, or when you sit down at your kitchen table to sign paperwork.  Clients in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Orange County, and Riverside are not the only clients who benefit from our services.  In fact, clients throughout the country have experienced our great car buying auto concierge services.  Contact us to learn how our Los Angeles car broker service can save you a lot of money anywhere in the country.

​What Our Clients Say

By far the most stress free and convenient way to purchase a vehicle. I contacted Dorian on Monday about purchasing a vehicle that had a hefty dealer markup everywhere I looked. Dorian found a vehicle for me within a couple days for a reasonable price and had it delivered to my house on Saturday. Dorian also found a buyer for my wife's old car who offered more money than I was expectIng.

Jay Y.Riverside, CARead More

I was referred to Dorian by a friend and I am so glad I called him! I have purchased a new vehicle several times and I can tell you that by far this was the best experience buying a car. I contacted Dorian on Monday and he had my dream vehicle sent to my house by Tuesday at noon.

Not only did he get me a great price, but he found me the vehicle I wanted with all the options. He never pressured me and walked me through every step. His communication was on point.

I could literally write 5 pages on how great my experience was, but I will just say you would not be disappointed if you contacted Dorian. There is a reason he has all 5 stars!

Daniel B.Long Beach, CARead More

Dorian is the best! I had a very specific vehicle I was expecting to have to custom order. He was able to not only locate the exact model with all the specific features, but handle all negotiations, shipping, and enabling a 3rd party loan to get me a lower rate. I recommend him to everyone and will be using him for all of my future car purchases! THANK YOU!!

John C.Los Angeles, CARead More

I recently used Dorian's services to seek out and find the best deal on a new Chevy Silverado. He came referred by five of my closest friends. I've always heard good things about him.

It took less than a week and Dorian found an awesome Silverado at a great price. We communicated every day through a variety of methods. The process was smooth and stress-free.

I attached a picture of my new truck. Dorian is trustworthy and I highly recommend him.

Alecks R.Torrance, CARead More

I had the pleasure of getting assistance from Dorian Gunn that made my purchase and trade in an easy transaction.  I told Dorian what I wanted and not only did he get me a great deal on my purchase, he also got me top dollar for my trade in.  He used his knowledge of the industry and countless resources to secure me the best deal. I highly recommend Dorian for your next car buying experience as he takes all the negotiating into his hands to get you the best deal.

Ed V.Culver City, CARead More

I have been using Dorian's service for the past 10 years. Dorian at Open Road Auto Concierge has obtained every car we ever wanted at the best price with the least amount of problems. Impeccable service done with integrity and class. Thank you again Dorian for making another car purchase smooth and easy.

Derrick C.Torrance, CARead More

Hands down Dorian is the man! I was looking for a specific car and was quoted much higher with every other broker I was working with and to top it off the other brokers were unable to get the exact car I wanted. Here comes Dorian like a boss and not only does he get me the car I wanted but he undercut everyone by a landslide. I told him how much I wanted to pay a month and how much deposit I wanted to put down and he got it done. Dorian is very upfront about how he works and uses different methods to get a better deal which I will not disclose but you need to be willing to work with him and give him time to work his magic. The best part is Dorian can work his magic just about anywhere. I was in the north bay and he was able to work with dealerships outside of his area. If you need a car it doesnt matter where you are located he will get it done. Highly recommend!

Fernbot R.Long Brach, CARead More

After wasting a bunch of time looking at Texas trucks I didn't want to purchase I found Dorian Gunn through an internet search.  Here's what Dorian did - he found me the exact truck I wanted in Illinois; he negotiated the price - $8000 below what I had negotiated for a similar truck in Texas; he got me a great price for my trade in; he got the dealership to remove the stripes from the truck; he handled the transportation from Texas to IL and back; and he saved me a bunch of money on an extended warranty.  If you know what vehicle you want, I encourage you to talk with Dorian Gunn.

Pat B.Boerne, TXRead More

"​Dorian located my vehicle within a day and secured me a low interest auto loan. This was the absolute BEST car buying experience I have ever had."

Derrick CabrerraTorrance, CA

"Best car buying experience ever! Dorian made everything easy.  I got exactly what I wanted and I didn't have to play any games to get it."

Deborah H.Ventura, CA

"Dorian helped me save thousands of dollars below dealer invoice. We all know it's not about what you know, but who you know. Dorian is that guy."

Matt T.Carson, CA

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Step 3: Drive Away Happy

We do all of the research and negotiation for you based on your pre-determined search criteria.  Now you get the fun and excitement of driving away in your perfect vehicle!

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