car-buying-services-heroDo you want a new car but after spending your roller-coaster day researching the law, drafting pleadings or letters, bouncing on and off calls, being pulled into last-minute meetings and eating lunch at your desk, do you have time? Do you want to spend any remaining free time with the car dealer knowing it won’t be a hassle-free car buying experience? Our company recognizes your industry needs, and we have a hassle-free car buying solution for you.

About our hassle-free car buying service

Our services provide for a hassle-free car buying experience with little or no effort from you. No more back-and-forth negotiation, high-pressure sales tactics or deciphering the car dealer games – we have your back! We are automotive industry expert negotiators who will protect you. Our upfront-transparent process is designed to provide a hassle-free car buying experience while representing YOU and YOUR best interest without any conflicts of interest. We will save you time, money and protect you from over-paying.

We have worked as managers inside car dealerships, so we know the games dealers play, we know how to protect you from over-paying, and we know how to protect you from the all too common pitfalls of going through the car-buying process on your own. We thrive on the challenge of winning your negotiation, mitigating client stress, and we love watching the faces and hearing the gratitude of clients who end up in a better place than when they first called us. We have very high expectations for our clients, so expect a hassle-free car buying experience that yields you the best deal and saves you the most money.

Interested in learning more about how Open Road Auto Concierge works with people in the Legal profession? Contact us now to find out more about how our services will help you get the car you love at the lowest price without all the headaches. It will truly be a hassle-free car buying experience.