car-buying-services-heroMany people agree that buying a car is a lot like trying to find their way through a maze blindfolded, without any sense of direction, with traps, trip wires, and trap-doors everywhere. This fear results from a lack of trust, confusion, and just not knowing what to expect. The unknown makes the car buying process dreadful and stressful. Finding a car dealership with the best practices can make all the difference and may even make this process tolerable. Our auto concierge services will make this process simple and easy for you!

If you are like most busy business professionals or executives, you don’t have time to find the perfect car dealership to buy from. After a long day working, researching, negotiating, and meeting deadlines, coupled with your personal and family commitments, the last thing you want to do is to negotiate with a car dealer. Let’s face it, the car dealer has the advantage, they negotiate car deals multiple times daily, and you don’t. You’d be lucky if you negotiate a car deal once every two to four years, so even the savviest negotiator is at a disadvantage when negotiating their car deal. This is where obtaining the services of a professional auto concierge is beneficial.

Car dealer sales cycle

Buying a car should be straight-forward and easy, after all, this is how you conduct business in your daily dealings with your clients. You expect car dealerships to do their business respectfully and straightforward too, but the unfortunate reality is this isn’t the case. The car-buying process is unlike your standard business transaction. The actual car-buying experience is full of frustration with back-and-forth negotiation, games, and over-promises resulting in hours of your spent time. A process that should take an hour to complete from start to finish takes 4-6 hours!

The car dealership will do everything they can to get you to pay more. The car dealer’s agenda is to maximize its profits by selling you everything they can. Once the price is negotiated, the deal isn’t done. Now comes the Finance Manager. His job is to sell warranties, paint & fabric protection, maintenance plans, and as many other back-end products as possible.

About our business professional auto concierge

Our services provide for a hassle-free car buying experience with little or no effort from you. No more back-and-forth negotiation, high-pressure sales tactics or deciphering the car dealer games – we have your back! We are automotive industry expert negotiators who will protect you. Our upfront-transparent process is designed to provide a hassle-free car buying experience while representing YOU and YOUR best interest without any conflicts of interest. We will save you time, money and protect you from over-paying.

We have worked as managers inside car dealerships, so we know the games dealers play, we know how to protect you from over-paying, and we know how to protect you from the all too common pitfalls of going through the car-buying process on your own. We thrive on the challenge of winning every negotiation, eliminating client stress, and we love watching the faces and hearing the gratitude of clients who end up in a better place than when they first called us. We have very high expectations for our clients, so expect a hassle-free car buying experience that yields you the best deal and saves you the most money.

Foreign business professional car-buying

Having been hired by a US based company and moving from a foreign country is exciting, yet scary, confusing, and stressful. This is a new chapter in your life, and we are here to help with your car-buying needs. Our experts here at Open Road Auto Concierge will guide you through the car-buying process along with the required steps. We will alleviate your stress and eliminate your need to spend time researching, locating, and negotiating your car deal. We understand taking on these steps in an unfamiliar country containing unfamiliar paperwork requirements is a daunting and overwhelming task. Don’t worry. We are on your side!

Driver license as a foreign national

The first step is to provide proof you are legally allowed to drive in the United States. You may be able to use your driver license from your home country. Verify your eligibility with your local Department of Motor Vehicles office in the state you will reside. If Department of Motor Vehicles accepts your home country driver license, you can apply for an International Driving Permit from your home country before traveling to the United States. Another option is to apply for a US driver license from the state in which you plan to live. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles for requirements and how to apply.

Car brands with foreign national programs

Choosing the right car brand is important when buying or leasing as a Foreign National. The brands listed below are typically the most flexible and more willing to work with non-US citizens who will be professionally employed in the US.

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mazda
  • MINI
  • Volkswagen

Foreign national loan or lease

We will work with you to determine whether a loan or a lease is best for your situation. It is essential to consider the length of time you will be in the US when choosing to buy or lease. In most cases, the lease is most convenient and cost-efficient. Most manufacturers offer more favorable lease terms that are two years or longer.

Factors to consider when leasing

  • How many miles will you drive your new vehicle?
  • How likely is it that your time in the United States will be extended?
  • Do you want the responsibility to sell the vehicle before you leave the US?

Documents needed to qualify for financing

To be eligible for a lease or loan as a non-US citizen, you’ll need to make sure you have the following documents:

  • Completed credit application (we can help obtain this)
  • Passport with photo and visa
  • Copy of valid driver license
  • Proof of residence (rental agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, etc.)
  • Letter from your employer stating your position, hire date, income, and length of stay

Buying a car as a foreign national can be complicated, require extra steps, documents, and paperwork, but rest assured, we will help you through this process.

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