Which city has the worst drivers?

Worst drivers

Driving a car is a task that requires focus, precision, and presence of mind. But what if you, as a driver have all those traits but some of your fellow drivers don’t? That kind of situation could result in accidents and sometimes, but hopefully not, tragedies. Thrillist.com cites some of the US cities that have the worst drivers. The driving experience in these towns can be a bit challenging for those who are driving correctly, and it is only fitting to list these cities for you to be aware of. This list is based on the statistic of how likely a US city is to have vehicular accidents. Be sure to check further down to see all the cities for collective awareness:

1. Houston, TX

Houston is well known for its sports pedigree and fame, with notable achievements in sports such as basketball. But it’s not well known that the city has a 31% probability of car crash occurrence.

2. Austin, TX

Austin has a 30.3% likelihood of car accident occurrence. The high % is probably due to an influx of move-ins to this city. The migration of people to this town has turned into a major drawback.

3. Tampa, FL

Apart from the fact that some of the most bizarre news in Florida comes from Tampa, this Florida city also has a high density of car dealerships. This resulted in a growing number of car buyers in the city. This much availability has led to a significant number of car buyers, and most of them do not even know the traffic laws.

4. Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is not typically known for anything bad as everyone pretty much lives in harmony with each other. But the fact that it has a 35.8% probability of car accidents should be noted as worthy of alarm and awareness as well.

5. Seattle, WA

Seattle has the 16th worst drivers in America, attributable to their weather conditions throughout the year. Seattle is always wet, and Seattle drivers should be used to driving in these conditions, and yet, they aren’t.

6. Oakland, CA

Oakland does not have heavy traffic if you compare it to San Francisco, and yet they are in the top 10 of the car accidents % list. The number of used vehicles against new vehicles does not contribute either, so this means it is not the number, it is the driver.

7. Los Angeles, CA

LA has a 52.8% probability of car accidents. This can be attributed to 18 million people trying to fit into 15 freeways that are struggling to manage the 65 mph speed limit.

The next time you drive your car in any of these cities, be sure to be extra careful and pay attention as drive cautiously.

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