Special Ordering a Car

When it comes to special ordering a car, truck, van, or any vehicle for that matter, it can be overwhelming. A reputable car concierge company, auto buying service, or even an auto broker can help with this process. Make sure you hire a car concierge company, auto buying service, or an auto broker experienced in ordering vehicles because even though car manufacturers or car dealerships make it sound simple and straightforward, it isn’t.

Before ordering the vehicle, review the manufacturer website, so you know all the features and options available. It can be extremely difficult or even impossible to change an order once it is submitted, therefore, do your research upfront so you won’t have to make any changes.

Once you access the manufacturer website, click the “build and price” link and start building your desired car, truck, or van. Select all desired features because you may not be able to make any changes once the build process begins. Your selected concierge company, auto buying service, or auto broker can help you choose the features best for you. Most manufacturer websites are thorough and allow you to build the vehicle the way you want (within the available specifications). You can usually choose the vehicle’s engine type, choice of wheels and tires, the exterior color of the car, interior design, along with many other decisions such as navigation system (GPS) or upgrades sound system.  The vehicle you are designing is custom to you, so be specific and be patient.

Pros of special ordering a car

•    Building and designing a vehicle just the way you want is exciting! 

•    Ordering the car allows you to specify the features specific to your needs, wants, and desires.

•    You get to choose the features you want to pay for, and you get to exclude the features you don’t want to pay for.

•    You are in control of what you want versus getting what the car dealership has in stock.

•    Your car will be equipped differently from other cars and it will be built based on which features are important to you.

As the pros of special ordering of a car, truck, or van are exciting, there are also cons associated with special ordering a vehicle.

Cons of special ordering a vehicle

TIME: The biggest issue that comes with the special ordering of a car, truck, or van is waiting for it to be built. Special ordering a vehicle to your specifications takes time. Some manufacturers build and deliver to the ordering car dealership in 6-8 weeks, while others can take 3-4 months or longer.  Before agreeing to special order a vehicle, talk with the auto concierge service, auto buying service, or car broker you hired to obtain a realistic timeframe for delivery.  A professional auto concierge service, auto buying service, or car broker will make your order process much smoother and more manageable than if you were to take on this daunting task by yourself.

Delays in the vehicle build

Another factor that could extend the waiting time to get your ordered vehicle is if the workers at the assembling plant go on strike. This alone can have a significant impact on getting your vehicle. Once the strike ends, it could take substantial time for the plant to get back to full speed and to process all orders along with regularly scheduled builds.

Time of year to special order

Ordering a vehicle toward the end of the model year can create challenges.  Depending on when the order was submitted will determine whether the ordered car will be of the current model year, or next year’s model year. The current model year typically has the most incentives and lower pricing. Therefore next year’s model can potentially cost a lot more.

Special order during the holiday season

Ordering a vehicle toward the end of the calendar year (holiday season) can create challenges.  Some manufacturers shut down production in December and don’t begin building cars again until January. These scheduled shut-downs can add weeks or longer to your order, thus impacting available incentives and the delivery timeframe. Discuss your order expectations with your auto concierge service, auto buying service, or car broker before placing your order.

Availability of incentives or rebates

The next consideration has to do with money. Automobile manufacturers offer certain incentives or rebates select vehicles, therefore placing a special order might not allow you to secure these incentives. Some manufacturers will lock in and guarantee the available incentives with your order, but most won’t. This is an important conversation to have with the professional car concierge company, auto buying service, or an auto broker you hired to represent you.

Other order considerations

•    If you have a vehicle to trade-in, the value of your trade-in might drop, therefore factor this into your budget.  If possible, sell the car or trade it in at the time of order.

•    Depending on the manufacturer, they might not build your desired vehicle. Some manufacturers will only build a special order vehicle if they are building another similar vehicle.

•    There is the possibility you might not get what you actually ordered. Due to the complexity of the car-building process, the available options and colors listed on the manufacturer website might not be available at the time your order is being built. Another possibility is the manufacturer might not be able to get parts from their supplier.

In summary, before considering ordering a vehicle, discuss particulars with the professional auto concierge service, auto buying service, or car broker you hired for guidance.

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