Car Choices For My Personality

If you really want to understand people, look at the car they drive. A person’s car choice can say a lot about the owner’s personality. This is because vehicles are often an extension of the driver’s personality. Your car concierge or auto broker can help you choose the right vehicle for your personality. Your generation could play a role in the vehicle you select too. 

Drivers Love For Their Car

People tend to build a very close relationship with their automobile such as giving their car a name, clean it regularly (or not), bath it, and often take it in for monthly maintenance check-ups. Cars tend to serve as class identity markers for their owners. Example: a middle-class person with a family needing a vehicle for commuting or transporting their family is more likely to drive a more practical car such as a Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, or similar brand. A younger or older person without the same needs and with a little more disposable income may be more likely to drive a two-door sports car, off-road type vehicle or something that’s not so “family friendly.” A middle-aged professional with grown children, disposable income, needing to display a particular image, or some combination thereof, might choose a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, or even a Range Rover. A trusted car buying concierge service or a car broker can help you choose the best vehicle for your needs.

•    SUV

The car of luxury for people who are well-off and enjoy their comfort. SUV drivers tend to be of older age, and are highly-educated earning a higher income. These drivers are considered to be status seekers, independent, and profit-oriented achievers. Many SUV buyers hire an auto buying service to guide them through the car buying process.


The typical pickup truck driver is usually a more “do-it-yourself” type person who is involved in outdoor activities or more hands-on with home projects, construction, or they use their truck for towing, hauling, or needing extra versatility. Manufacturers are making trucks a lot more luxurious nowadays, so trucks are appealing to a broader spectrum of people such as to families and professionals. Nonetheless, trucks will always be a great option for those needing to tow a boat, trailer, or working on a farm. The on-road and off-road versatility of a truck makes it an appealingly viable option for most people.


They are young and financially stable and relying on a car broker to find the right car is common. Most of those who drive sports cars are energetic and love to live life to the fullest. This type of car is typically used as the “weekend driver” or as the fun car. It typically isn’t practical to use as the daily driver. If it even has a back seat, it usually isn’t large enough for anyone to sit comfortably, let alone an adult.


People that drive a minivan need more space. They usually have limited time and tend to seek out a trusted car broker or auto buying service to help them choose the best vehicle for their needs. The minivan is crucial to transporting their usually larger family from place to place. People who drive these vehicles are usually more social, love attending events or parties in larger groups, most especially with friends and family. This larger vehicle has enough space to accommodate more than six passengers (usually seven or even eight passengers). Drivers of these vehicles are mostly considered middle-class people.


Also known as 4x4s, they are typically driven off-road in places like hills, deserts, and mountains. Drivers of these vehicles are adventurous with a desire for adrenaline pumping experiences. They are also very competitive with their fellow off-road enthusiasts, especially when it comes to the design of their vehicle. Many rely on an auto broker to help coordinate accessories so they can go the extra mile and stand out amongst their peers.

People tend to attribute different car types with various functions or occasions. In some places, drivers prefer to drive economical cars instead of luxurious vehicles. Families desire larger vehicles because of the larger size and versatility options. Cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, and other similar brands are preferred by those with more disposable incomes and without the added space needed to accommodate an entire family. Off-roaders and those who seek adventures in the hills and mountains like Jeeps and Hummers while luxury SUVs are usually driven by those in the urban areas.

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