Which Car is Safest for a Growing Family?

Which Car is Safest for a Growing Family?

The car we drive is a reflection of many aspects of our life, including the number of our family members. If your family is growing, your focus will most likely be on purchasing a safe and roomy car. There are several options you can potentially choose from – here is a look at some that you should consider. This list is not all-inclusive, so contacting your trusted car broker or car concierge is a great place to get guidance in selecting the right vehicle for your family.

Volkswagen Atlas

The Volkswagen Atlas offers a slew of passive and active safety features. Child Passenger Safety technicians say that installing car seats in the Atlas is easy. VW’s Car-Net App allows you to check if the doors are locked and view where you have parked your vehicle. The 2019 Atlas comes with a rear-view camera system that offers a wide view lens, enabling you to see objects in your path when backing up. It has a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety rating of 5-stars.

The third row can accommodate seven passengers and offers generous legroom. The Atlas offers an impressive standard warranty of six years or 72,000 miles.

Toyota Prius

The Prius has a long history of providing reliable passenger safety, and that is not the only reason why it is among Toyota’s most popular models. The Prius is an eco-friendly option that can save you on gas compared to a non-hybrid of similar size vehicle. This safe car also offers generous backseat space to seat three or install two car seats comfortably, which also compares favorably against many other hybrids that have limited backseat space. Additionally, the Prius’ cargo bay is large enough to fit strollers and other equipment on your short or long trips.

Although the Prius is a cost-effective purchase and has low ownership costs, you should be able to negotiate lower prices if you go through a car broker or car concierge service.

Honda Accord

The Accord is a firm family favorite and the 2018 model is an excellent value purchase for many reasons. The five-seater has a bigger interior and features a number of advanced safety features even on the base model. The heated leather seats are a nice addition that keeps the family warm during the cold months. The interior has spray foam insulation to block out external noise, allowing for comfortable conversations with passengers. Family members choosing this vehicle have adequate room for a comfortable ride.

Whether you’re a first-time car buyer or looking to purchase another vehicle to accommodate your expanding family, you may want to contact an auto broker to discuss other vehicles that may offer additional versatility. Ultimately, a car concierge service can do the homework/due diligence on your behalf – saving you time and effort – as well as to get you the best deal possible.

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