Should My Next Car Have Adaptive Headlights?

You have been driving your car for a while and are thinking of getting a replacement. Or, your lease is almost up, and you would want to transition to a new car. Either way, this means you have probably been eyeing local car dealers looking for cars to buy and comparing car prices. Besides, you are excited because this means you can get a car with better and newer features. How cool is that! However, judging from the chatter that dominates the car industry, you may be wondering whether your next car should have adaptive headlights: what are they? How do they work? Are they essential or just an added luxury add-on?

How Adaptive Headlights Work

Do you frequently drive at night? If so, your next car should have adaptive headlights. These headlights differ from regular headlights in that they move with the movement of your steering wheel allowing sufficient illumination of the road around corners and bends. While they are useful, they do not drive up car prices much, and indeed, manufacturers are considering to make them an essential requirement hence your choice from the cars to buy at your local car dealers won’t be too limited as many have adaptive headlights. The headlights use sensors when detecting the car’s speed as well as yaw of the car and movement of the steering wheel. Thus if there is no significant movement, the headlights remain in place and do not move, thus illuminating the road in front of you.

Cars That Have Adaptive Headlights

Cars to buy that have adaptive headlights as a standard or optional feature include but are not limited to: Audi; Buick Regal and Lacrosse; BMW; Hyundai 2016 Equus; Infiniti 2016 Q60 and QX50; Cadillac ELR Hybrid, LTS, XTS, CTS and ATS; Jeep Grand Cherokee; Kia Cadenza and K900; Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque; Lexus IS and RX Mazda 3 and CX-5; Mercedes-Benz B-Class, CLA-Class, E-Class,GL-Class, C-Class, GLA/C/E/K-Class, M-Class, SL-Class, SLK-Class and ML-Class; Nissan 2016 GT-R; Porsche; Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Touareg, Tiguan, Eos, CC, Golf SportWagen and GTI; and Volvo S60 and XC60. They are however a feature that can influence car prices so be sure to ask.

Benefits of Adaptive Headlights

  • They help in reducing nighttime accidents because they increase your visibility at night and are therefore a great safety feature for the next choice you make from the cars to buy at local car dealers.
  • They are accompanied by systems such as a self-leveling system that returns the headlight to the level position if it is tilted by say, hitting a bump. They also automatically adjust the brightness level to avoid blinding the other drivers.
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