Car Buying trends for Gen X’ers

Our environment shapes our preferences. In fact, just the time period you were born with can determine the type of cars you‘d be willing to buy.

Members of Generation X – born between 1965 and 1982 – for instance, have a particular preference for large, practical, and family-friendly vehicles. In general, Gen X’ers prefer minivans to other types of vehicles. The majority of these have three rows of seats too. Car dealerships explain this by the increased purchasing power and value that Generation X’ers place on practicality, luxury, and safety features for their families when they buy a car.

Which cars are popular?

Interestingly enough, one particular vehicle has established itself as an all-time favorite for members of Generation X. Ford’s Explorer has a higher number of Gen X buyers than most other non-luxury SUV in the United States. The company explains their product success with the emphasis they placed on exclusivity and performance, coupled with great value for the money which Gen X’ers seem to appreciate.

The main difference between the Baby Boomers generation and the Generation X is that the former prefer to display their status in more obvious ways than the latter. Gen X members are looking for practicality and are not as focused on status and luxury – they prefer to buy a car they perceive as safer and more suited for their family. Family-friendly and roomier vehicles such as minivans and SUV are on the top of the list which explains why brands such as Audi, Ford, and Volkswagen are extremely popular amongst the Gen X’ers. Additionally, Gen X’ers are typically wary of the mass-marketing tactics constantly spread throughout the media. Gen X’ers are more likely to buy a car they perceive as having high value than to let themselves be influenced or persuaded by a car dealership or an advertisement.

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