Get More Money for Your Vehicle Trade-In

Get more money for your trade-in

If you’re planning on replacing your car, you’re probably considering trading in your current set of wheels to help offset the price of the new one. A vehicle trade-in is an excellent way to get money quickly and to leverage its value without having to invest a lot of time finding a buyer. Most dealerships will buy any vehicle running or not. Vehicle trade-ins don’t bring in as much money as selling it in a private-party sale, but you also won’t have to invest as much time to sell it, so for most people, time and convenience take precedence.

Maximizing Your Trade-in Value 

Staying on top of your car maintenance and being consistent with manufacturer recommended maintenance services such as oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, and especially major services, helps with increasing the vehicle trade-in value. Regular vehicle maintenance leads to an extended lifespan for your vehicle, which brings a higher trade-in value. Make sure to save your receipts so you can show these to your auto concierge service to better leverage the value of your trade-in.

Techniques An Auto Broker Uses To Increase Value

When a vehicle trade-in is appraised, there is often a psychological impact based on its appearance that will positively or negatively affect the vehicle’s trade-in value. First impressions go a long way in a vehicle trade-in appraisal. If you want to get the most money when trading in your car, don’t underestimate the impact of a basic car wash or wax of the exterior and vacuuming the interior. Make sure not to spend too much money, though. The idea behind this technique is to make an excellent first impression. If a vehicle trade-in looks good, the psychological assumption is the vehicle is appropriately maintained, which in turn increases its value. 

Negotiate The Vehicle You Are Buying And Selling Separately

When you begin searching for a new or pre-owned vehicle, make sure you align yourself with a car broker who will represent your best interest, who knows how to negotiate the car you are buying, as well as how to maximize the value of your trade-in. The car broker needs to understand how to negotiate both sides separately to get you the best deal and to save you the most money. Make sure the auto broker doesn’t let the value of your trade-in be influenced by the price of the vehicle you are buying. These are two different negotiations and should be treated as such.

Your trusted auto broker is your representative who should be able to provide factual information to justify your vehicle’s trade-in value. The auto broker shouldn’t present this information as a sales-pitch aimed at convincing you of the vehicle’s value. The auto broker should explain this information in an informative and conversational approach to educate you on the market and to provide an explanation as to the reason for the value of your vehicle trade-in.

Does the Color Effect Your Vehicle Trade-in Value?

The short answer is yes. The color of your trade-in vehicle is affected by its color. Although bright colors may look great and suit your personality, they are not everyone’s top preference, so keep this in mind when you buy your next vehicle. Common neutral colors that appeal to the majority are Black, White, Gray, and Silver. These colors often have the highest trade-in values because they appeal to most people. Bright and flashy colors have a limited audience, so it takes longer to find a buyer. To learn more about the vehicle trade-in process or anything else car buying or car leasing related, find a trusted auto concierge service such as Open Road Auto Concierge who can make your car buying, car leasing, or vehicle trade-in process easy. 


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