beat-my-deal-playerAlready have a quote for the perfect car you want to buy? You don’t need us to facilitate the entire car-buying process for you, but you still want to make sure you have the best deal? You’ve come to the right place. Don’t over pay! We can beat your deal. Check out our “Beat My Deal” service. Contact us today for a free no obligation car-buying analysis of your deal. Don’t finance the dealer’s profit! Let us maximize your savings! You have nothing to lose unless you don’t take advantage of this free service.

How to beat your deal:

Open Road Auto Concierge is extremely confident we will beat any deal. We are so confident in our ability to beat your deal that we will only earn our fee if we beat your deal. No savings – no fee! This is an excellent way to get expert advice without paying an upfront fee. We will save you additional money and beat your deal using our “Beat My Deal” service, or after our thorough car-buying analysis of your deal, we’ll confirm you are an excellent negotiator and advise you to take your deal. One way or another you will know you got the best deal. Take advantage of this great service now.

Service fees to beat your deal:

When we beat your deal, our fee will consist of a 50/50 split of all monies saved on your deal. If we cannot beat your deal, there is no fee! Our “Beat My Deal” service requires a detailed written quote from the selling dealer itemizing all fees and costs along with details of the specific vehicle quoted.

Example: If we beat your deal by $2,000, our fee would be $1,000

**This service needs to be selected up front upon hiring us to represent you.